Meet Charley! He’s the keeper of all the answers to the Trumbull Answerbook. The Trumbull Answerbook is the most complete guide to the town of Trumbull ever published.

Do you know how you can register to vote? How about where to get a fishing license? Do you know how many homes are in town? Charley knows the answers to these questions and hundreds of others that are important to you.

There are several ways to navigate through the Trumbull Answerbook on a smart phone. Browse though the list of categories below or you can search for your questions. You can also use the menu button arrow in the top right corner to view the Trumbull Points of Interest map and you’ll find a link directly to the Trumbull Times website.

In addition, please feel free to e-mail us any questions that you may have that are not already on the Trumbull Answerbook website and Charley will sniff out the answers and post it to the site.