La Guardia (718-533-3400) in Queens, N.Y., serves 21 airlines. The airport code is LGA. The website is

Most international flights originate from John F. Kennedy International (718-244-4444), a bout an hour and a half away in Queens. The website is The airport code is JFK.

Bradley International Airport (860-292-2000/888-624-1533) is New England’s second-largest airport after Logan in Boston. It is in Windsor Locks, 12 miles north of Hartford, about an hour away. Bradley serves 15 airlines including Air Canada Jazz, America West, American, American Eagle, Continental, Continental Express, Delta, Frontier Airlines, Midwest Connect, Northwest/KLM, Southwest, United Airlines, United Express, and U.S. Airways, and U.S. Airways Express. The airport code is BDL. For more information, check the website at

Igor I. Sikorsky Memorial Airport (203-576-7498) serves the Bridgeport area. It offers charters, flight training, and private plane services, as well as helicopter service to New York (see below). The airport code is BDR.

Tweed New Haven Airport (203-466-8833/ serves USAirways to Philadelphia. The airport code is HVN.

Westchester Airport is used by Air Canada, AirTran Airways, American, Continental, Delta, jetBlue, Northwest, United, and U.S. Airways. The airport code is HPN. The phone number is 914-285-4850. The website is